Unique Features of Our System:

  1. No micro or detail waste separation or classification is required prior to feeding. This provides greater flexibility and operating efficiency.
  2. Gasification and gas oxidation are performed in separate chambers to insure maximum performance and safety.
  3. Heat radiation is kept to a minimum after gasification.
  4. Our Quad Stage processing design helps to restrain the formation of dioxin and other toxic substances. Fly ash and dust are controlled and kept to minimum.
  5. The energies produced by our system can be efficiently recovered and utilized to generate syngas, hot water, heat, steam, and electricity.
  6. By utilizing multiple gasification chambers, our systems can be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  7. Our systems can be customized to fit into limited or pre-defined space without substantially limiting or minimizing performance.
  8. Syngas is normally fed into the system and utilized as the primary supply of fuel. This will greatly improve air emission quality and substantially lower operating costs.

Our Technology is the Future

System Operating Flow Chart