Pyrolysis and Gasification

25 years ago, Mr. Masamoto Kaneko, the founder and the principle scientist of Kinsei Sangyo Company, Japan, came to the beliefs that Pyrolysis and Gasification were the best possible solutions in solid wastes processing and directed his entire engineering research in the development of bio mass waste gasification technologies.

After 10 years of dedicated efforts, Mr. Kaneko invented the world's first solid waste gasification system, Quad Stage Solid Waste Gasification System, and in the year of 1997, Mr. Kaneko designed and constructed the world's first MSW (Municipality Solid Waste) gasification system.

Today, more than 22 patents have been awarded to Kinsei Sangyo and to Mr. Kaneko worldwide; 12 more pending for his ingenious engineering and designs and there are more than 250 of our Kinsei Gasification Systems in daily operations through out Asia in countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, etc. ranging from 1 tons per day to 200 tons per day in system capacity.

All of our systems are performance proven in fields of hospital, chemical, industrial both critical and hazardous waste processing and all of them have been rigorously inspected, tested and certified by their local authorities and regulating environmental agencies. We plan to have our 1st working system in North American Continent before the end of 2007.

Our proprietary Quad Stage Gasification Technology can effectively process a wide spectrum of waste, standard and hazardous, without the need of micro separation or classification, Our systems process targeted waste in separate stages and restrains the formation of toxic substances (Dioxin, CO, NOx, Sox). Our air emissions have already been tested and certified to be in compliance with Japan, China and European Union standards and will meet EPA requirements. Our ash discharges can be 20%-30% less than similar systems and they are >99% non-organic, therefore non-toxic. Discharged ashes can be used for road paving material, fabric concrete, brick making material and in some cases, as fertilizer.

The capacities of our systems can be from 500 lbs per day to 2,000 tons per day. All systems can be constructed indoors or outdoors; they are simple to operate and practically maintenance free; sensors and monitoring devices are installed at all critical locations for maximum performance and safety.

With added equipments, renewable energies such as synthesized gas (syngas), heat, hot water, steam and electricity can be generated from our systems practically cost free for maximum revenue generating and profit return.

Compared to traditional incineration units, our systems require smaller land space to build, lower on initial construction cost (15-25%) and less in daily operating cost (20-40%).