Mini Gasification Unit
Complete with heat, hot water and steam recoveries

Mini Gasification Unit Our mini gasification systems have been specially designed for hospitals, public buildings, ocean vessels, farms, industrial parks, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers, etc. It can be operated indoors or outdoors requiring minimum floor space. It is capable of processing 1-5 tons a day of diversified wastes. These units are simple to operate and practically maintenance free. It is equipped with all the critical components to ensure maximum performance.

Our mini systems are highly efficient in treating the following

  • hazardous or non-hazardous waste
  • organic and inorganic waste (including animal waste)
  • hospital waste (bio-hazardous and soiled waste)
  • hospital waste (X-ray & KEMO waste)
  • industrial wastes, plastics, rubber, auto tires, paper items, corrugated boxes, PVC, PCB, etc.
  • contaminated liquids, grease & sludge
  • chemical & pharmaceutical waste

Like all of our systems, No prior waste separation is required.