Plasma Gasification

Through our associated electrical engineering firm, we provide Plasma arc waste conversion and gasification systems.

Plasma engineering is to feed electricity to a torch with multiple electrodes and creating an arc. Insert gas through the arc and it will generate heat to temperature as high as 20,000° F. In this high temperature, wastes are completely destroyed and transformed into elemental state.

Without oxygen, our system does not discriminate. Inside Plasma reactor, metals become molten, glass & concrete are vitrified, organic wastes will be converted into gaseous elements primarily carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane. This is commonly referred as “Syn-gas”.

Our Plasma gasification operates in starved air mode and the formation of undesirable toxins such as Dioxins, Sox, NOx or Furans are so minimal that they can be hardly traced.

Plasma gasification is the most efficient engineering for waste elimination. However, it does carry higher costs on all aspects such as construction, operational and maintenance. We utilize Plasma Gasification mainly for those extremely hazardous applications where cost is the secondary consideration.

Syngas Applications:

  • Power generation
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Methanol production
  • Hydrogen recovery
  • Industrial applications
  • Commercial fuel