Industrial and Hazardous Waste and Recycling

Princeton Environmental Group, equipped with Kinsei patented technology; we provide total solutions with precision engineering and highly effective equipment for the complete elimination and/or minimization of any targeted waste conditions. Together we will achieve contamination stabilization, landfill/sludge conditioning, hazardous waste elimination, valuable commodity recovery & recycling and very importantly, waste to energy (WTE) production.

Animal farms, food/chemical manufacturing plants, and sewage processing facilities pose some of the worst air/odor pollutions and health hazards to their local communities.

We provide complete solutions to these facilities including facility waste gasification, air pollution control and odor elimination. Our air processing system is modulated to process 30m3 of air per minute per unit and can effectively remove >97% of air borne odor and tests have verified a 99.97% article/bacteria elimination.

Our odor removal systems are simple to install (plug & play) and inexpensive to operate.

It is a truly clean technology.