Waste Processing Systems for the 21st Century

Technology Ahead of Its Time With vast modernization and rapid urban expansion, waste and environmental surroundings are more complex today than ever before. Rubber, plastics, heavy metals (i.e. mercury), radio active materials, infectious and hazardous wastes are no longer hear-says but become part of our everyday life, not mentioning all those toxic remnants accumulated thru our past.

With these considerations, Princeton Environmental Group , the marketing & engineering arm of Kinsei Sangyo Company , Takasaki , Japan , was established to be a full service engineering firm to meet and to embrace environmental challenges of the 21st Century.

Princeton Environmental Group will respond to your situation and requirements intelligently and innovatively. The expertise of our multi-disciplined scientists and engineers will formulate and provide result oriented solutions to tackle a multitude of problems affiliated with those hazardous contaminants, sludge, soil and water pollutions, chemical and oil spills. Most of our systems can be equipped for energy productions such as syngas, heat, hot water, steam and electricity.

It is our goal and our commitment to turn your environmental compliances into financial investments.

Princeton Environmental Group will

  • Carefully analyze and examine each individual case
  • Strategy formulation and creation
  • Solution development & deployment
  • Moving forward from beginning to completion

As a full service agency, Princeton Environmental Group emphasizes on safety proceedings and programs to eradicate our client’s risks.

Area of Specialization

  • Medical waste processing & elimination
  • Air pollution and dust control
  • Sewage and sludge treatment & minimization
  • AFO (Animal Feeding Operation) air pollution controls & minimization
  • Hazardous waste processing & elimination
  • MSW and facility waste processing & elimination